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After a long process of comprehension and assimilation, the Rincon de Santa Maria architectural project was envisioned as a reworking of San Miguel de Allendes colonial architectural characteristics: the city's patrimony of craftsmanship and it's magical light are fused with an architecture based on simple but empathic spaces, created in response to new forms of living that demand comfort and flexibility. The result is an architecture that is both self-possessed and respectful of it's setting.

The reigning element of the house design is the patio. With it's traditional components walls, flagstone and water the patio fills  the recesses with sunlight, bringing to mind the old houses of San Miguel de Allende.

In the house interior, every effort was made to reinterpret the spaciousness of the old granaries and the main halls of the enormous colonial houses. The beamed ceilings over the living areas help to complete the creation of an intimate atmosphere that harmonizes perfectly with the patio.

The craftsmanship's apparent in the finished details is another important part of the architectural design, since it made it possible to imbue every room with the qualities that are so characteristic of San Miguel. With the help of expert craftsmen, the walls were finished with a coat of stucco that retains it's natural coloration.

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